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Emerging Leaders Questionnaire - Baltimore City


MOST worked with our 2016 Cohort of Emerging Leaders to develop a questionnaire, with input from youth, for candidates for Mayor and City Council in Baltimore on a broad array of topics affecting youth and families in Baltimore City. 


All registered candidates were sent an email request to complete the questionnaire - correspondence was sent to the e-mail listed on the board of elections website.  


The following candidates' responses are being published in full without editing, except for placing them in a common visual format.  Candidates not listed have not responded to the request.  A candidate that wishes to respond and have their response added online may still send in their questionnaire to, however it will be indicated when added that it was received post-publication.  Incomplete surveys will not be published.  Responses are arranged by office sought, then alphabetically by last name.  Publishing the candidates' responses is not an indication of an endorsement. 







Emmanuel McCray (Green)

Sharon Black, (Unaffiliated)

DeRay McKesson (Democrat)

Susan Gaztañaga, (Green Party)

Carl Stokes (Democrat)

Kim Trueheart, (Democrat)

Cindy Walsh (Democrat)


David Warncok(Democrat)




District 1

District 7

Mark Edelson (Democrat)

Shawn Z. Tarrant(Democrat)

Scott Goldman (Democrat)


Zeke Cohen (Democrat)

District 8


Rodney Faraj Leach(Democrat)

District 2


Tony Christian (Democrat)

District 9

Brandon Scott (Democrat)

John Bullock (Democrat)


District 3

District 11

Andreas Spiliadis (Green)

Eric Costello (Democrat)


Harry Preston (Democrat)

District 4

Dea Thomas (Democrat)

Rodney C. Burris  (Democrat)


Bill Henry (Democrat)

District 12


Jason Pyerson (Democrat)

District 5

Ian Shlakman (Green)

Isaac Schleiffer (Democrat)

Rashad Staton (Democrat)

Sharif Small (Democrat)


District 14

District 6

Mary Pat Clarke (Democrat)

Richard White (Green)


Sharon Middleton (Democrat)