Maryland Out of School Time



Like many organizations, MOST will be operating remotely during this period of required social distancing. Any events or meetings that were previously scheduled will go virtual. Our voice mail goes to our email mailboxes so you may still call our regular number to reach out to us and we will be responding as well to email during business hours. We have been collecting a variety of resources to share with the field and those will be updated and shared here and in our newsletter Keep us posted on your stories, the impact of program closures, strategies and resources you have found useful and helpful. You can send those stories to 


CLICK HERE to get a list of national, local, and educational resources that will be updated on a regular basis.


Stay Informed

Reliable Information, Reputable Sources



Johns Hopkins University 


Johns Hopkins University is one of the best medical research facilities and educational institutions in the world. Their trained experts are closely following and analyzing updates on this outbreak.


Resources from their site include: 






Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is the leading national public health institute of the United States. It is also a United States federal agency under the Department of Health and Human Services. Its main goal is to protect public health and safety through the control and prevention of disease, injury, and disability in the US and internationally.[3] The CDC focuses national attention on developing and applying disease control and prevention. It especially focuses its attention on infectious disease, food borne pathogens, environmental health, occupational safety and health, health promotion, injury prevention and educational activities designed to improve the health of United States citizens.


Resources from thier site include:



Stay Safe and Healthy

Tips from experts


Know How it Spreads




Take steps to protect yourself




Clean your hands often





Avoid close contact



Take steps to protect others




Stay home if you’re sick





Cover coughs and sneezes




Wear a facemask if you are sick




Clean and disinfect