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MOST welcomes and invites news coverage of the challenges and issues related to the need for more and better afterschool programs in Maryland.


Annual state funding of the Maryland Afterschool and Summer Opportunity Fund (MASOF) was cut in 2009 resulting in a loss of participation opportunities throughout the state.  Maryland now has fewer out of school programs overall and ranks in the bottom 10 states nationwide in the terms of the number of programs offered.


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MOST is available to present at meetings and events or to provide an expert spokesperson for panel discussions. 

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Information for Policy Makers


What is MY3PM?

MY3PM (Maryland Youth at 3PM) is a public facing campaign initiated by MOST to raise awareness specifically among business owners, executives and working parents for the need to increase Out of School Time programs across Maryland.  Their collective voice is key to communicating to the State and Local Legislators that supporting these programs should be part of Maryland’s overall intention to support working families, business development and economic growth within the state.  


News Release

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Posted by MPT News on Thursday, August 6, 2015

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Who is MOST Network?

Maryland Out of School Time Network (MOST) is a non-profit statewide youth development organization, dedicated to bringing more and better opportunities in the out of school hours to all of Maryland's young people.  MOST is one of 50 statewide afterschool networks made possible by the generous support of the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation and local matching investment. MOST’s goals include:

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