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About Community Schools in Maryland

A Commmunity School is a place-based strategy that aims to make the school builidng a hub for community resources and reinvestment. Rather than an institution where teachers teach and students learn, Community Schools provide a wealth of resources to meet the needs of students and families including health and social services, and community engagement and development. This holistic approach leads to better student outcomes such as increased attendance and academic success, and strengthens community fabric.  


In Maryland, a statewide coalition - MD4CS - has formed to advocate for further implementation of the Community Schools model by tracking legislation, designing strategy and communications, and working with policy makers to rethink the educational experience for the state's youth. 


Our goal is to reduce opportunity gaps that exist in low-income areas by assessing the needs and assets of the community and forming intentional partnerships with local, community-based organizations to eliminate the out-of-school barriers to learning.


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MD4CS is a cross-sector working group comprised of representatives from non-profit community organizations, institutions of higher education, state government, and school jurisdictions.  To learn more about the Community School initiatives in Maryland and the DMV, visit our Community School Initiative page


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