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Introduction to MOST VISTA Class







Sharnice Barnett

Hometown/Current town: Baltimore City     


VISTA Title: Program Coordinator


Assignment Description: Coordinate program activities for Greater Baltimore Urban League’s Saturday Leadership Program


What attracted you to MOST/VISTA: There is an innumerable amount of networking opportunities.


Fun Fact: I love juicing with my nutribullet!





Sarah Brandt


Hometown/Current town: Toms River, NJ/College Park, MD


VISTA Title: STEM Program Coordinator


Assignment Description: I am working to build infrastructure to expand STEM Learning Opportunities in the out-of-school hours for youth in communities that have the highest achievement gaps and are underrepresented in the STEM higher education and careers. I will coordinate STEM training, build STEM partnerships and identify resources for STEM program sustainability at a statewide level.


What attracted you to MOST/VISTA: I wanted to continue to help children from underprivileged backgrounds. I was a 6th/7th Language Arts teacher last year in a Title 1, Renaissance school, so I know first-hand how much high quality out-of-school programs are needed for those students to stay in school and be successful. I looked into AmeriCorps because I knew that they worked in that area, and found MOST, which I was interested in immediately!


Fun Fact: I have been to all 50 states, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico, spent the summer volunteering in Brazil, and plan to start traveling the world very soon.






Ariel Brown


Hometown/Current town: Baltimore, MD


VISTA Title: AmeriCorps VISTA, Maryland Disability Law Center


Assignment Description: I will be serving with the MDLC on a project that seeks to increase opportunities for low-income youth with disabilities to participate safely and effectively in Out of School Time (OST) Programs in Baltimore City.  Our goal is to work closely with 20 OST programs who wish to become models of inclusive practice.  


What attracted you to MOST/VISTA: I wanted to have the opportunity to serve my community and to learn new skills and gain experience in the nonprofit sector.


Fun Fact: I love to knit.





Jackie Cast

Hometown/Current town: Baltimore


VISTA Title: Resource Developer with the Greater Baltimore Urban League


Assignment Description: I develop resources, both monetary and human, to support the Urban League’s Saturday Leadership Program, as well as the renovation and maintenance of the GBUL headquarters as a community center, historic site, and shared space for non-profits providing anti-poverty services.


What attracted you to MOST/VISTA: My love for this wonderful, strange city of Baltimore.


Fun Fact: I am trilingual: German, English, and French.




Jessica Conjour


Hometown/Current town: Havre de Grace, MD


VISTA Title: Healthy Behaviors Program Coordinator VISTA


Assignment Description: Connect out of school time programs with resources to provide meals to kids, as well as supporting these programs in any way I can!


What attracted you to MOST/VISTA: The chance to have an impact on my local community.


Fun Fact: I have a Harry Potter scar on my forehead from an unfortunate accident involving a rock and a lawnmower.






Vanessa Douglas


Hometown/Current town: Born in Chula Vista, CA, currently reside in Baltimore County


VISTA Title: Maryland Out of School Time AmeriCorps VISTA Leader


Assignment Description: I provide support to forward the impact of MOST’s VISTA projects!


What attracted you to MOST/VISTA: I love the people at MOST, and I really wanted to make it easier for future VISTAs to enter the field and be successful, both professionally and personally.


Fun Fact: I lived in Hawaii for a year when I was eight.







Alison Howland


Hometown/Current town: Montpelier, VT/Baltimore, MD


VISTA Title: Hunger Strategies VISTA


Assignment Description: My assignment is to expand participation in the Child and Adult Food Program (CACFP) and the Summer Food Service Program (SFSP). Both of these are USDA-funded programs that provide free meals to kids under 18; CACFP provides afterschool programs with free snacks and suppers, and SFSP provides kids with up to 2 free meals per day in the summer. I also provide general support to the Baltimore Partnership to End Childhood Hunger.


What attracted you to MOST/VISTA: I studied Sociology at Goucher College, so I learned a fair amount about poverty in Baltimore as a case study during undergrad. Then I got attached to Baltimore and wanted to work in the city to actually address the problems I studied, and the rest is history!


Fun Fact: I can directly trace my ancestry to John Howland, the only man to fall off the Mayflower and survive.







Samantha Trotter


Hometown/Current town: Columbus, Ohio/Windsor Mill, Maryland


VISTA Title: Community Engagement Specialist


Assignment Description: I support In Reach in reducing challenges of poverty as they directly relate to K-12 education and workforce development for young adults, ages 18-24, in the Transforming Neighborhoods Initiative- Kentland/Palmer Park (TNi - KPP) community where In Reach serves as an instrumental community-based program partner. In alignment with the Prince George’s County’s Transforming Neighborhoods Initiative (TNi), In Reach is a partner of the Kentland/Palmer Park (KPP) community to bring promising programs and services to children, youth and their families facing the highest poverty in the county.


What attracted you to MOST/VISTA: The opportunity to pursue my community relations goals through service as well as relocation.


Fun Fact: I currently serve in the U.S. Army.





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