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Introducing MOST's 2016-17 VISTAS!

MOST is thrilled to welcome a new class of 13 Americorps VISTA volunteers in Fall 2016. These dedicated individuals have each committed to serve for one year with nonprofit organizations across the state of Maryland. Our current VISTA projects are focused on addressing concerns ranging from increasing the visibility of STEM opportunities for families in Baltimore City, to building capacity for volunteer based programs that specialize in development of girls from immigrant communities. Our VISTAs have travelled from New Jersey to New Mexico to serve the needs of Maryland youth - we are excited to support their dedication and enthusiasm in working top ensure more and better Out of School Time opportunities in our great state.






Amanda Payton_home_most_pennstation_releases_20161005225232_public_penn_station_folders_initiatives_americorps_vista_picture__1__jpg

STEM Program VISTA,  Downtown Sailing Center 

Baltimore City

In her position as the Downtown Sailing Center's STEM Coordinator VISTA, Amanda will be working to build the capacity of the STEM initiative. She will do this by strengthening the Downtown Sailing Centers after school partnerships locally, organizing training courses for educators, and expanding programming across state to target regions.


 Andrew Neuman



VISTA Leader, Maryland Out of School Time Network



As the MOST VISTA Leader, Andrew will provide strategic support to forward the impact of MOST’s VISTA projects and build systems to track and coordinate VISTA projects across sites and focus areas.




Antonia Sweet_home_most_pennstation_releases_20161005225232_public_penn_station_folders_initiatives_americorps_vista_Anotnia_HS_jpg

STEAM Program VISTA, Lakeland Elementary School

Baltimore City

In her position at the Lakeland STEAM Center, Antonia will work to strengthen the program’s outreach to volunteers and student participants. She will also develop lesson plans for K-8 integration of engineering, art, and technology in classroom instruction while working to better include girls and minorities in STEAM programs


Adriana Ray

Outreach Coordinator, KID Museum



Montgomery County


In the second year of the KID Museum VISTA project, Adriana will be working to recruit and manage community members to serve on various service projects and committees with the Kids' International Discovery Museum in Bethesda, Maryland. Adriana will be responsible for providing training and support to volunteers in their placements, as well as tracking volunteer commitments, contact information, and completed volunteer hours in a database. Adriana will also be assisting in the development of the museum’s outreach alongside the Director of Operations.

Benia Richardson

Youth Program Coordinator, Greater Baltimore Urban League


 Baltimore City


Benia Richardson is a Youth Program Coordinator, her project focuses on establishing the newest branch in the Pathways to Success program, The Urban League Collegiate Club (ULCC). She aims to develop sustainable funding for component programs along with creating curriculum for programs. 



Kisha Webster

Community & Education Engagement, Openworks 

Baltimore City



Kisha’s position at Openworks Fabrication Space is focused on community engagement and outreach, with specific focus on attracting youth from the surrounding neighborhoods to participate and learn skills in arts, crafts, and engineering.




 Monica Whitfield

Inclusion Program Coordinator, Maryland Out of School Time Network

Currently housed at Disability Rights Maryland, Monica will be tranisiting her OST Inclusion project to MOST in early January. Monica works to increase disability awareness and provide training, technical assistance, and coaching for after school and summer programs who wish to make their services more welcoming and effective for youth of all abilities. A crucial component of the Baltimore OST Inclusion Project is deepening an understanding of the intersection of race and disability biases. 



Monique Elliott_home_most_pennstation_releases_20161005225232_public_penn_station_folders_initiatives_americorps_vista_Head_shot_jpg

Healthy Behaviors Program Assistant VISTA, Maryland Out of School Time Network



In her role as the Healthy Behaviors Program Assistant VISTA, Monique will expand health and wellness learning opportunities in partnership with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation’s HOST (Healthy Out of School Time) framework. She will be working in collaboration with MOST Healthy Behaviors partners in the out of school hours for youth, their families, and program staff throughout communities statewide while discovering and creating actionable opportunities to bridge the wellness and STEM movements for underprivileged youth and families.


Myeisha Johnson_home_most_pennstation_releases_20161005225232_public_penn_station_folders_initiatives_americorps_vista_Screen_Shot_2016_08_31_at_9_14_20_AM_196x300_png

STEM Scholar Program Coordinator, Lets Go Boys and Girls 


During her VISTA term, Myeisha will use her skills to build LET’S GO’s capacity to support middle and high school aged students on the path to a STEM career. She will work on identifying funding sources, compiling resources, and creating a community assessment survey. 



Palak Kushal

Summer Learning Coordinator, Family League of Baltimore


Driven by the goal of closing the large opportunity gap in Baltimore summer learning programs, Palak will spend a year working in communities to build capacity of youth organizations who are traditionally underrepresented for funding programs. She will connect with summer program providers in targeted neighborhoods in Baltimore to understand the organizational needs and assets and support the improvement and implementation of Family League’s partnership in the Baltimore Summer Funding Collaborative.


Sarah Fredrick 

Program Coordinator, Community Bridges 


Sarah's duties at Community Bridges involve creating and implementing a volunteer training program, increasing the number of girls in grades 4-12 that participate in CB programs, and designing new program management and evaluation systems to track students, volunteers, program partners, donors, and families. 


Tobias Archuleta


MOST Baltimore STEM Ecosystem, Maryland Out of School Time Network

Baltimore City


Now in its second year, the Baltimore STEM Ecosystem VISTA project will continue to strengthen connected pathways for young people in Baltimore City to engage in STEM experiences at the elementary school level, begin applying and practicing STEM knowledge and skills at the Middle School level, and at the high school level to take advantage of opportunities both in-school and outside of the school day that will propel them toward further STEM education or STEM careers.


Tyler Clifford_home_most_pennstation_releases_20161005225232_public_penn_station_folders_initiatives_americorps_vista_tyler_PNG

Community Engagement Ambassador, Pyramid Atlantic Arts Center 

 Prince George's County


During his year of service, Tyler will be working as a Community Engagement Ambassador. He will be assisting with the strengthening of community and volunteer relations as well as other nonprofit capacity building projects.



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