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A Day at Commodore John Rodgers

Here at Commodore John Rodgers, we start each day with a Morning Meeting. Our Morning Meetings provide students with the opportunity to connect to their teachers; whether it is by playing a game or sharing a personal story from the weekend. After Morning Meeting is finished, students begin their Center Work.

There are four centers at Commodore John Rodgers:

  1. Reading Center with Miss Muck
  2. Writing Center with Miss Shibli
  3. Arts and Crafts Center with Miss Perry
  4. Technology Center with Miss Simmons

Each center is approximately 15-20 minutes long and relates to a previously decided upon theme.

The first center is the reading center. At the reading center, students listen to a story that relates to the theme of the week. Under the direction of Miss Muck, students utilize important reading skills such as making predictions, asking questions, and exploring non-fiction text features. After the read-aloud is finished, students discuss the character, setting, and plot. Once a week, one of SummerREADS partner organizations, Reading Partners, comes in to present a story to students. Students listen to the read-aloud, presented by Mr. Brian and Mr. Casey, and then participate in an engaging activity.


The second instructional center that students participate in is the writing center, which is led by Miss Shibli. At the writing center, students refine their writing skills by creating narratives, developing creative writing pieces, and recalling facts from non-fiction text. Students often draw a picture and then create an original story that they have created by using their imagination.

The last instructional center that students participate in is the arts and crafts center. At the arts and crafts center, students complete an arts activity or craft that relates to the theme and/or selected book. The theme is selected each week based on which partner organization has been scheduled to come in. For example, when the zoo was scheduled to come in, the theme that we selected was “Animals.” Similarly, when “Blue Water Baltimore” came in, the theme selected was “Conservation and Stewardship of our Environment.”


In addition to the centers that students participate in each day, students also have the opportunity to read daily. Students have approximately thirty minutes each day to browse the library for books and then read to themselves or to friends. Watching our students grow as readers this summer has been a wonderful and incredibly rewarding experience.

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