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STEMbassador Spotlight - Of Shopkins and Wolverine Claws: 3D Printing in the Classroom


My name is Scott Davis and I am the program coordinator for two after-school programs in Baltimore City.  This year I have participated in MOST’s STEMbassador program. 


I was not super excited about attending the 3D printing workshop, one of the requirements of the STEMbassadors program.  This was mainly because I had several preconceptions about 3D printing (which all turned out to be wrong).  I thought 3D printers were huge immovable objects that wouldn’t work at our programs at our many different sites.  The other reason was I didn’t really want to give up two Friday evenings and Saturdays. 


After the first day of the workshop, I realized how wrong I was. The 3D Printing Workshop at Digital Harbor Foundation was extremely exciting and engaging. The printer (which I got to keep!) was about the size of a small microwave, and a lot lighter, making it super easy to move and use in our program. I got super involved in designing objects to print, not even thinking about the math and science I was using. The workshop was super fun and the 4 days flew by.  More importantly, I came up with so many lessons to do in our program.  


I brought the 3D printer to our 2nd grade group at our program one day this week to introduce the concept. The students were super excited.  They found it really cool and were amazed by what you can make with it.  The girls all wanted to make Shopkins and the boys wanted to make claws to be like Wolverine. After Spring Break, I’m going to introduce design platforms so they can start making their own projects.  


I strongly recommend the MOST STEMbassadors Program for any After-School Programs in Maryland and Digital Harbor Foundation’s 3D Printing for Educators Workshop for any educators in the area. 

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