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Agilex Welcomes Technovation Maryland

On Friday, March 27th, Agilex opened their doors to six Technovation* Maryland teams to show them what it is like to be an App developer who works for the federal government! 



Agilex is a company that builds innovative digital government solutions to enable a healthier, safer and more prosperous America. Agilex helps federal agencies capitalize on digital technologies – including analytics, cloud and mobile computing – to advance their mission.


The day started at 10am and teams, coaches and mentors were treated to app demos with software engineers, Q&A with IT women and men, a mock app review, marketing pitch instruction with a video demonstration and lots of professional tips all day. The girls were shown a virtual, interactive map of the building, a 3D printer, and a “raptor hand” – a 3D printed prosthetic hand. They were able to view and try out three new apps Agilex is in the process of developing: one for Amtrak, the post office, and the Veterans Association. The entire day was packed with helpful information and interesting activities for the girls.


The women of Agilex encouraged the girls to seek mentorship and advised them to keep their “minds open and skills up to date. You have the opportunity to see what other people have done to help you discover what you may be interested in”. They reinforced how interesting and exciting a STEM career can be: “The great thing about working with technology in general is that you are going to be involved and exposed to so many different things”. They encouraged the girls to pursue STEM majors and told them that they will encounter some tough classes that they may not like, but to stick it out because it will always help you in the end and just open even more doors for what you can do with your degree.


In addition to a great lunch, snacks and warm hospitality, Agilex personnel also offered their contact information for teams to continue to receive help and advice right up to the 2015 Technovation Maryland Pitch Showcase on Saturday, May 16th at Towson University. Some of them also expressed interest in coming to see the teams pitch at Towson and support Technovation next year as well.


_home_most_pennstation_releases_20140930224307_public_penn_station_folders_STEM_helping_with_iPad_jpgAgilex is committed to being a leader in the federal sector for a number of critical disciplines such as: advanced analytics & data management, enterprise mobility, infrastructure optimization & cloud computing, and software development & systems integration. From eyes of Technovation and The Maryland Out of School Time Network – they seem to be committed to being a leader in inspiring girls to pursue a STEM career as well. The Agilex team created a STEM opportunity and memory that will last a lifetime for these Maryland Technovation girls. It is professionals like these that inspire America’s future developers, engineers, graphic designers, business marketers, and more!



*Technovation is a 12 week mobile app development competition where high school and middle school girls compete in teams of 5 to create and develop an app that addresses a problem in their community. The girls also come up with a business plan to “pitch” the potential marketing of their app. Girls compete with teams around to world to potentially earn $10,000 towards the marketing of their app. This is the second year the The Maryland Out of School Time Network has run Technovation in Maryland.

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